Stanny Abram

Stanny Abram's passion for music evolved in the mid 80's and was greatly influenced by the very popular, Radio Luxemburg. Starting with two tape recorders his enthusiasm was immediately noticed and introduced to a fellow DJ Amado Sallinas. They teamed up and practiced new techniques of mixing on record players. House and Acid House soon replaced Italo Disco which gained Stanny a lot of air time in some of the hottest clubs in Slovenia. During the mid 90's, Stanny Abram founded a project called D-Team with fellow DJ, Ozzy Lee Tiger. They produced a handful of successful Slo-Dance tracks including ‘Frendy’, which placed them fourth on Dee Jay Time chart. They later appeared on several TV shows and were recognized for their contribution in the Slo Dance Scene against drugs project. In the late 90's Stanny Abram's career took a big turn to the underground techno waters. His mix Sintetic Food received warm feedback on the Slovenian underground music scene. After few years in techno he decided it was time to move back to the basics.

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