AlteRego & Baldylox

Matthijs de Ronden and Lodewijk Martens together make up AlteRego & Baldylox. The two friends met 15 years ago during a music night at school after which they formed the hiphop group Dutch Cream with Salah Edin (Top Notch) and Q-Bah (Funx), together they toured the nation. In the proceeding years they were part of various formations and began focusing their energy on production and writing songs behind the scenes to an ever greater extent. In the winter of 2010 they decided to kick off their careers as an artist duo. They released their début album in August of that year “UPPERS & DOWNERS” which reached #2 on the I-tunes hiphop charts. Tracks featured on the album were played by Funx and Juize FM and the video clip of the single “WOOZY FOR SUZY” was included on TMF's playlist. Their energetic live show formed an integral part of Valtifest, Bloemetjes aan Zee and Hemeltjelief festival. At the end of 2010 they released the free EP “BAG OF BANGERS”. This EP garnered a lot of attention online and the title song was selected for the 13th edition of “Hollandse Nieuwe” by 3voor12. In the same period AlteRego could be heard as part of EA Games' world wide marketing campaign for “Need for Speed Hot Pursuit”.

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