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Luca was born in Roma (Italy) and became a DJ when he was two years old trying to put two records into the portable record player at the same time, actually he can’t remember how many times his mom had to buy a new one. Since the late 80’s, he’s been spinning house music all over clubs in Rome… Alien, Piper Club, Follia, Jacky’O, Mucca Assassina, Alibi, Distillerie Clandestine) and other regions of Italys (Prince, Baia Imperiale, Holliwood, Magazzini generali, Royalton). He has DJ’ed all around Europe, including France, the UK and Spain. Luca is highly regarded in Italy for his presentation, passion and his Italian energy. Luca hosts the Cherry Drop Mixes as well as the Who’s that DJ show on every from 6PM to 7PM (GMT) and Fridays from 5:30PM to 6:30PM.

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