Dubsidia is a fresh and filth duo based in Spain that have a mad energetic stage presence and your sure to get a reaction with each banger they drop. Alongside standout tracks such as "Kill Humans" and "Elekktroshokk" they have also made a name for themselves remixing Calvertron, Tim Healey, Downlink, Elite Force, Starkillers, Melleefresh, Dirtyloud and signing in Ultra, Rottun, Play Me, Skint and others. They have toured Europe, US, Canada, Asia and South Africa with another US Tour planned for summer 2012 and Australian Tour in October 2012. Nowadays they are collaborating with Moby in a project, remixing big names and getting the support of artists like Skrillex or Borgore. Dubsidia make music for DJs and dance-floors that is interesting enough to cross over from the clubs to your MP3 player.

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