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- Paul Humphreys (Pumped Audio Magazine / Ireland) July 2012

''Fledgling Scottish label Cherry Drop Records may have been on the electronic music map for only a short time, but if their recent release schedule proves anything it's that what they're lacking in longevity is more than countered by gutsy and selective positioning of some of the most cutting edge artists to break onto the scene of late. Boasting artist releases from next generation sound-controllers ranging from Frankie Brass and Stanny Abram to Audio Jackerz and Vinyl Crew, this young imprint is pushing the envelope to the furthest auditory reaches with bold tech house & techno, carving new urban territory in its wake. On 1st July Cherry Drop release their first compilation album, Urban Rhythms. Mixed by Spanish DJ & producer Groovebox, one of the most in demand tech house DJs on the Ibiza music circuit, Urban Rhythms is a thrilling, energetic ride through some of the choicest tech, house and techno flavours this year.   on the Ibiza circuit. Embark on a journey of lush, innovative and deeply consuming grooves and chunky basslines with Groovebox at the helm. Jay Lumen's 'Here Comes the Sound' is the wholly satisfying opener to this adventure and from here you'll be treated to a sensory epiphany through razor sharp, techno injected remixes from Bass Kleph & Stefano Noferini, crisp, unadulterated house cuts from Steve Mac and Funkerman and the cream of innovative sounds from George Acosta’s Lucky 7 to Liberty Klaud's remix of Cherry Drop regular Stanny Abram's 'Burn It Up'. Standout track for me is wistful, tribal perfection from Damir Pushkar. ‘The Spirit’ boasts a critical undercurrent so frenetic you'll be whisked unknowingly through the airless, humid chant of some fierce, Amazonian throng. Polished with chutzpah, Urban Rhythms is proudly steered by Groovebox through dark, sweaty dancefloors in a frenzied but carefully composed story of underground sounds, providing Cherry Drop's first compilation release with the edgy sophistication it deserves.'

- Young Scot

'Laurie wanted to set up his own record label Cherry Drop Records to promote new, undiscovered talent. Cherry Drop Records works with emerging acts to develop their fan bases through promotion and advertising. The Creative Enterprise fund grants committee were able to award Laurie the full amount he had applied for to help him set up his own website: www.cherrydroprecords.com'

- Kelvin Colling (Beat Magazine / Melbourne)

'They are a groovy filled bunch at Cherry Drop Records, sourcing out the Spanish Groovebox behind the decks for their debut compilation Urban Rhythms. It’s an interesting start, throwing in slices of Minimal, Tribal and French Disco House opening disk one, before kicking into the tougher Freakt from Felix Kröcher and Respect from Steve Mac. Vinyl Crew’s OMG kicks it up another notch with solid Techno, before ending with the deep Liberty Kalud remix of Burn It Up from Stanny Abram. Disk one takes a more Deep House driven route, Oxia and Nic Fanciulli chipping in before Nocturnal from the Audiojackerz introduces a dollop of class. The rest of the mix features the talents of Zoo Brazil, Butch and Angry Beavers, reaching a nice plateau, keeping a constant groove without altering the bpm. Perfect as a soundtrack whilst laying out in front of the pool this Summer… pity Winter has only just begun.'

- Rachel Rixham (Tilllate Magazine / Beats Media) October 2012

'Cherry Drop Records unleashes the brand new "It's Complex" compilation, chopped and edited by rising Electro DJ and Producer Tochner. 


A monumental compilation that attributes some of the hottest dance tracks of 2012. "It's Complex" features floor filling bangers like "Tiny Dancer" "Better Wipe That Up" "Ding Dong" and "Fusion", while showcasing some of the most influential names to date such as, Deadmau5, Hoxton Whores, Robbie Rivera, Alex Mind, Bingo Players, Manufactured Superstars, Miles Dyson and many more. 


From rippling hooks and pretentious beats, to progressive prodigies and colossal atmosphere Tochner's take on "It's Complex" genuinely has it all. 9/10 RR'

- Paul Humphreys (Pumped Audio Magazine / Ireland) November 2012

Exclusively released on his latest mix compilation for Cherry Drop Records, Roi Tochner’s ‘To The Sky’ is a perky slice of key progressive house.


Boasting the kind of feel-good vibe that you just can’t turn away from on a dancefloor, ‘To The Sky’ is a shining example of why Tochner has earned himself a reputation as one of the most prolific producer/DJs on the Israeli club scene. Choppy vocals, frisky groove and a smooth, energetic delivery .. I’m hooked. 10/10